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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Fort Erie I" Underpainting

With the exception of the tree on the left, which I left the color of the painting ground, I have mixed colors with the basic five I chose plus black and white, and used them on all the shapes in the painting.

As I am sure you can see, I have simplified all the shapes, and eliminated some of them altogether. The barn in the background is gone, there are no uprights on the paddock fence, and only the foreground horse and groom have features.


Ida said...

I'm really enjoying this "Birth of a Painting Series." It's making me want to dig my paint out of the garage.

robyn said...

I told people at the RGS (River Gallery School) to check out your site. Excellent series, Elle, you are such a good teacher.

Enjah said...

Thanks Ida and Rob, I appreciate your comments. I hope to have the time to work on the painting over the weekend. I will post as I go. The RGS book you sent, Rob, was a delight to read, and full of good suggestions. Thanks again!