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Friday, December 01, 2006

Dream of Steve

Steve came back into physical form in my dream last night. I had gone to sleep thinking of him, and lo and behold ... in the dream, Steve, Pat and I sat around and talked and laughed. I said, "Wow, you can still do this?" He said, "Not for much longer." I meant visit us here in this plane of existence. In my belief system, those who have died may only linger near this earthly plane for a few months, then they must go on to their adventures between incarnations, and finally find their way to their new lives.

Tonight Kirk (Steve's son) called and offered us a couple of the movies Steve had collected. We use the DVR and do not really watch our own DVDs, so we said no. I asked Kirk if it was difficult for them, and he said it was. Steve loved his movies.


robyn said...

oh, Elle how special your dream.
I love that you shared it.

Λύσιππος said...

Our loved ones, forever linger close - in forms and shapes yet unknown to us. In dreams they come, to soothe our pain from their loss, to strengthen the memories, free-flowing into the mist that blends the gap between Here and There. Their spirit is now free from the constraints of their physical form, to roam the Earth, the Sky and the Seas.