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Friday, November 17, 2006

Bear Face to Face

Bear is an endearing puppy who "dogs my tracks". He sleeps as close to me as he can, and would love to jump into bed with us, if we would let him. So far we have resisted giving him people food, which the veterinarian strongly discourages. Bear thinks this policy is harsh. I am sure his charm comes through the photo. People are already stopping me and asking what sort of dog he is. He is the same delightful mixture of breeds that produced Rosie, and no one knows his parents' secret formula for the perfect mutt.


Osprey said...

I think you need to get him some goggles. And my trizzities are ok today - I have a headache from yesterday's numbingisationing at the toof doctor, but I've been inworld a bit - hope to see you there at some point. HEY - I need your contest entries! I don't have very many, unfortunately.

botz said...

looks alittle like gypsy around the soulful eyes and the adorable schnooz...give him a "bear" hug for me. love, b

robyn said...

my god, he's cute. I loved Rosie so. But bear now has my interest. He's won your heart.
I had a stuffed dog named Tessie that was bought from Kaaps and smelled like smoke. But your Bear looks like Tessie. God I love him already.
Elle, you are so full of love.

robyn said...

okay, the amazing part is he looks like your avatar. I just know he got his name from his big black nose.

robyn said...

So Bear is a year old, what's his birthday?
was he in the pound all that time?
:::here's my 2-cents- worth:::
He's kind of acting like some adopted children do:
needy, scared, and terrified that they will not be accepted but when love is given they don't know how to behave with it. Sounds like he wants to keep hold of you...biting hard.

In the realm of training with birds ( I have had some experience observing up close), a human never puts food on the hand for fear the bird will not differentiate between food and the hand. If a young bird sees hand and food as-one-and-the-same it may bite the hand that feeds.

good luck with the cute dog. He sounds like he's behaving like his namesake Bear cute and wild.