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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Steve and Pat

My two sons have been close all their lives, and now there is only one.


robyn said...

I know, I keep thinking about this. Now Pat is the oldest. They both look so handsome in this photo.
Elle, you made some good looking kids.

robyn said...

For Steve

Dreamed a blue Jay lay
Upon curling leaves of brown
Feathers iridescent last May
Now this dreamy blue, just lay
Alchemized into ether today
Sentinel-Jays circled down
Dreamed a golden you did lay
Upon curling leaves of brown

Aunt Robyn

Enjah said...

On Wednesday, I was at the computer working on the slide show for Steve's funeral service, when there were cries from a bluejay, insistently calling. I looked out and saw a bluejay in the bush just outside the window. He had his cockade smoothed back and hopped from branch to branch looking through the blinds. It was Steve's goodbye I felt. I believe that for three days after the death of the body, the spirit stays in contact with those of us still in physical form. I could feel Steve Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, he seemed to be turning away from the earth plane, and this was a final message to me of his love. Until we meet again, dear one ...

robyn said...

My Sister Wakes

When you fade away
My first born son, I will dress
You in memories

Λύσιππος said...

My sincere condolences for your loss. May the memories strengthen your faith and the family bonds.

botz said...

on saturday, as so many family members were gathering, the energies were increasing and merging together in one stream to honor steven. being so far away, i joined by meditating upon his soul's journey. it pulled me in deeper and deeper and i was clothed in a warm, dark, quiet place. that is when i "asked" steve or rather "listened" to him and it was a surprise. i was going to encourage him to go to the white light and to be not afraid, when i felt his presence. he is an old soul. his soul knows how to do this and it was somewhat humorous for me to be instructing an ancient soul. i felt humbled and honored to be with him.