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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heart Charm

I bought a charm for Steve's memory. It is the heart in the middle of my bracelet. It says "the heart remembers". The inscription is the last line of a poem written by a 15-yr-old girl whose grandmother died of Alzheimer's. It is a good charm for anyone who has, or had, a loved one suffering for a long time.


robyn said...

what a lovely bracelet.
what do some of the other charms stand for?

I held a purple glass heart, that poet had sent me, whenever Steve was having heart surgery and when I had had to work I'd put it in my pocket and hold it throughout the day to send him love and healing energy.

Enjah said...

thanks Robyn. I know your healing thoughts helped him tremendously.

The bracelet came from a museum store in the airport, and it had the 8-pointed star with moonstone, the two crescent moons, and the crescents with stars (the lapis one has its three rhinestones missing). It is a reproduction of a charm bracelet from the 19th century.

The charms I added are:
chair from Williamsburg
5-pointed star, symbol of mankind's spirit
set of eyes with a third eye from Tibet
Ganesha from Tibet
6-pointed star symbolizing the masculine and feminine energies of the universe
dragonfly just cause it is pretty

robyn said...

where are you? r u okay?
your sis Rob

robyn said...

Day of the Death. Been thinking of Steve off and on all day. I was dancing and saw him in his sweet youthfulness. I lighted all my candles and offered up a prayer for him.
He was so tender and fresh.
I got to see the softer side...the oyster without it's shell.

robyn said...

I got to view the pearl.
I just realized that's what I saw.