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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Osprey's Birthday Party

Yesterday I had a sudden inspiration to have a party ... it was Osprey's birthday, and I had just cleared out my little house, so I put up only her paintings and a poster she made for Linden Labs years ago, put out virtual birthday cake and champagne, and invited all her friends I could think of. I made an event as well, just in case some of her friends I don't know might see it and come by. As it was, there was quite a crowd. My "tv", which is basically a slide show of pix I have taken and friends have given me, was "all Osprey, all the time" except for one image of some dude I barely know. Salazar could not attend :(( but otherwise, a lot of very close friends of Osprey's were there: Tina, Racer, Sarah, Vlad, Selador, Amu, Ida ... it was a fun party.


Salazar Jack said...

Aw shucks. I wish I could have been there! Hope you had a great birthday, Osprey!

Osprey said...

I did, thank you, Salazar, although you were missed.