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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Open Road

Mr. Toad would envy me this delightful vehicle I am sure. It is painted flat black, with golden and blue flames ... fenders, front and rear (to prevent that unsightly mud stripe up my back), a CHAIN GUARD (wOOt!), whitewalls and coaster brakes. I have to relearn bike riding (yes I know, you never forget, blah blah blah). It has three speeds, the third of which reminds me of my old bike from childhood.

I was so excited to get that red Schwinn, after having ridden a huge old rattling bike handed down to me. Then it got a flat tire. I walked it down to the service station and asked them to fix it.

And then ... and then ... and THEN ... I left it there forever. I forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Dad said I had to go get it myself, but I was so embarrassed about having forgotten it, I never went back and never mentioned that bike ever again. Strange thing to do, but it made sense to me at the time.


Osprey said...

I only ever had one bicycle. It was small, old, had solid rubber tires and was named Wilhelmina. Don't ask me why. Things had names - my dressing gown was named Pancho.

robyn said...

your bike is handsome. Love the (((wOOt))) chain guard. Did you paint this vehicle yourself?

I got a blue Schwinn and was delighted to become so mobile. I rode my baby-blue everywhere.

Enjah said...

why thank you Rob, I love it too. No, it came painted with the flames. I knew it was for me the moment I set eyes on it. I had to drive back home, mount the bike rack on my car and race back. I said before I left ... "don't let anyone buy that bike!". The guy said it had been there for a while, waiting for the right buyer (heh ... ME!).