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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Keith Olbermann 9/11 Speech Video MSNBC

Keith Olbermann speaks in print and on video, of the unmemorialized ground of 9/11, eloquently and courageously, HERE.


Selador said...

It was an impressive speech, and it is good to see that some people are still capable of using the language to good effect. Over here in the UK not many people can do that.

I was quite shocked by reading further down and seeing some of the comments that have been made by Bush and Rumsfeld. The latter in particular is really beginning to sound like a nazi.

Bush's using the dead of 9/11 to further his military objectives was one of the most disgusting things I have witnessed in modern politics, and I was amazed that such a monumental act of disrespect was tolerated by the American people. When I commented in a forum posting about it, several Americans came in to deny that he had ever done such a thing, and nobody else seemed to be all that bothered by it.

It is scary to see the mechanisms of totalitarianism come into play, and to have such an easy passage. Mind you, it is not all that surprising, considering the level of gullibility, the willingness to embrace the irrational, that is apparent in both our countries at the present time.

It is to be hoped that both our countries wake up (there are signs that this process might be beginning to happen in the UK) and begin to look critically at the direction their societies are taking, and at those who influence them.

Enjah said...

Yes, Selador, thank you for you comment. I have not read the comments of Bush or Rumsfeld. I try not to pay attention to those people because they are so disturbing and there are so many Americans who either agree with them or are not frightened by the trend they represent.

On the road to this state of affairs there have been notable changes in American society. For example, our educational system has been damaged and there are fewer opportunities for subsidized higher education.

Children of poor families no longer receive supplemental meals at school. Lack of nutrition can lead to difficulty in concentration, and thence to poor grades, and an ignorant maturity.

And as you know, poorly educated people are much more susceptible to being deceived by people seeking power over them.

Poet said...

Keith Olbermann has a clear understanding and a superb vocabulary by which he describes our country at this time in history. I have said several times that when we look back to these years, it will have been a very dark time. There are charlatans who surround Bush feeding him ideas and words he can barely understand. But they do. He is their human puppet. Don't think I mean that he has no idea about what is happening because he appears to love being used by his appointees.
I can only hope that the four years following the 2008 election will be a time of peace and thus better for the poor and the not quite poor. The rich have had their heyday.