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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Elle and her Roles

This is Elle Michabo, who has been featured in a few photo shoots, and who will be appearing in "A Midsummer Night's Second Life Dream" when the movie goes into production.


botz said...

i'm curious about the personalities of each of these six females, one of which i recognize (snort). the others are intriguing as well. will you be sharing more about them on this blog?

Enjah said...

ok from the top ... first we have Elle in her nature lover look.

second we have Elle looking goth. She bought that hair and dress for her part in "Johnny Trouble", written in Second Life by Selador Cellardoor.

the third character is a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Second Life Dream", a play I am working on, possibly to be made into a video.

The fourth character is called the Potato Queen. I modeled her on Mom in her latter days. She was created just to see if I could re-create Mom in SL.

The fifth character is Flutteria, queen of the fairies in MNSLD (see above, the play).

And finally, we have Elle in her outrageous 60s hair in her Pink and Black outfit.