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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eileen's Roles

Eileen McTeague, star of stage and screen, grants an interview. "This is how I usually look, luscious and appealing."

Eileen McTeague as Jean Frolic.

Eileen McTeague as Trixie Slade, the victim in "The Dore Trolley Murder"

Eileen McTeague in "From the Shadows", a Second Life play by Enjah Mysterio, from a concept by Osprey Therian, who also did the set design.


Enjah said...

CORRECTION: The play "From the Shadows" is from a concept by Osprey Therian, and the writing is a collaborative effort of everyone involved. Osprey is set designer and stage manager, as well as director. The actors are Lucifer Baphomet, Ida Keen, Eileen McTeague, and we HOPE another man as well ... looking for Second Life actors.

Osprey said...

Eileen is a fabulous actress!