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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Character Avatars

What I am really good at in Second Life is creating character avatars. My posts below show a few of them, and I intend to post more. The angry child was delightful to do, a change from all the bland characters. She is a young, restless graffiti artist. I could not think of how to explain her at the time I created her, shot a photo of her and posted that pic. She now has a pierced nose and an ear cuff. She will get tattoos.

Jean Frolic, seen below in Eileen's Roles, is a tad forgetful and sloppy. Her clothes do not match and her bra peeks out of her blouse. She was a witness in a news article in Second Life, exposing Emma Metropolitan's secret past.

If you do not understand something about a post, or Second Life, or my characters, please do not make assumptions about me ... just ASK!

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