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Friday, July 28, 2006

Whatever Happened in Milwaukee?

In high school I worked on the school paper, and at one point, we were sent to Milwaukee to attend a high school journalism convention. Like all conventioneers, we had high spirits and did not always do what we were supposed to do.

True Confession One:
My group of girls arrived at the hotel and went to our room. The room overlooked an airwell on the interior of the hotel. It was on the 20th floor or so. We had a peek around, and found strange looking objects on the radiator. There were two jars of what, to us, looked like a science project, under a towel. None of us had ever rented a hotel room before, and we assumed they were left by the previous occupant. We gleefully threw the first of the glass jars out the window and watched it smash to bits on the roof below our room, 5 stories down.

Just then someone unlocked the door and came in. It was the maid, who was absolutely furious with us. We had destroyed her lunch! Abashed and horror-struck we gave her some cash, but she was really upset. Her lovely greens cooked with chunks of ham .... so much for that delicious lunch she had brought with her!

True Confession Two:
In the evening we had little to do, and decided to go to the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" which was truly terrifying and had some unexpected twists. Sometime during the movie a sailor sat down next to me. I was riveted by the movie and never looked at him, but when the dome was lifted on that grisly dinner, I screamed and grabbed his hand! He was very kind and did not try anything further, but simply held my hand for a minute or two. I let go and he and I watched the rest of the movie without touching again or even speaking.

True Confession Three:
I met a boy from a nearby state during the afternoon and he told me his name was Joe Butzer (not his real first name). I laughed, then had to explain why, since it was a perfectly innocent name. Butz was our word for fart ... the U was pronounced like the "oo" in "wood", and his name was pronounced the same way. So I had met Joe Farter!

Ah the Confessions of my youth!


botz said...

bless me father for i have sinned...butz, butz...frapp...

Enjah said...

cheese I was still EDITING and you already COMMENTED!

botz said...

yeah, that anonymous came in an the same time as mine! what gives?

Enjah said...

Anonymous was pushing World of Warcraft, and I deleted his comment. Hi Butz! OH I MEAN BOTZ

botz said...

amazing what one little critical letter can make. butzing botz.

i have a postcard for you of sweet baby jane i'll send e-mail.

strange fusion of grizzly dinner and sailor, freud said.