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Thursday, July 27, 2006

No More Victims

One of the good sides of being sick in bed is that I have watched daytime TV for once. NO not "All My Children", I was watching Animal Planet, with shows about animals rescuing humans, as well as programs on otters and beavers. Then I turned on PBS and caught a show about an innovative program right here in Houston.

No More Victims was founded by Marilyn Gambrell, to give support to the children of incarcerated parents. She made the decision to have her class as a part of the daily curriculum of the school in the area, Northeast Houston. The reason she did this is that many children have heavy responsibilities outside of school hours.

What the class does is focus on the children and listen to their stories. They are aided in other ways, but the main thing is that for the first time in their lives, in some cases, someone lets them know that they can tell what has happened to them without fear of a violent and rejecting response.

From this simple beginning, the class has grown to 500 students, and provides all sorts of supports. These children are able to survive, to graduate, and go on to live productive lives. The statistics in the US are very grim when it comes to the children of incarcerated parents. In most cases, 80% of them end up in prison themselves. The children in this program have more than reversed that statistic.

I liked hearing good news, for once, and wanted to pass it on to you, who may have a similar (or a very different) vision. Stay with it!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, we have over 600 now. =]

Sorry, I aint on this so I cant make it not be anonymous.