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Monday, July 03, 2006

A Big Haul

Having all this food makes me feel really wealthy. I am afraid because of that I buy too much at a time and some goes to waste, but I try to use it up. This post could also be named "I love Whole Foods" our health food supermarket.


botz said...

in portland we call whole foods, "whole paycheck"!

Poet said...

When can I help you "eat it all up?"

Give me a week's warning so I can save up for the gas money to go to your lovely house round trip.

Osprey said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm foodddd.. one of our sensual pleasures...

robyn said...

we make a special trip to Whole Foods...
I get inspired and love the fresh guacamole! When we walk around the store tasting all the free samples I am so appreciative.
love the store as well!
Some of the same vitamins are cheaper at our Brattleboro Food Coop and I do get a healthy discount for being a member worker-employee, but I treasure my trips to whole foods.

Enjah said...

We have a tiny health food store in our area, Erma's, and I love it also ... and I usually buy my vegetables (including many organically grown ones) at the supermarket, but this day I did not want to go to more than one store .... and the MEAT and SEAFOOD are incredible as are the BREADS (forbidden food). I like trusting the source of my beef!

robyn said...

( . )
! !


Enjah said...

we ARE twins ... sorta

o o
( *)

Enjah said...

One good reason to eat organic ... it reduces our OIL dependency. Chemical fertilizers are composed of petrochemicals. Organic farmers still use tractors, but at least the stuff they are spreading on the soil is good ole ... poo.

botz said...

~~@* *@~~
< >
/ /
v v
. .

botz said...

oopps...looks like i need a cranio-sacral treatment!

robyn said...

I may not look like I need one but I do...