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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Three Day Report

We have had wonderful meals here in Paris, indoors and out.

Lots of gendarmes on Monday for the rallies of BOTH the left and the far-right (combining gasoline and lit cigarettes, figuratively!). The police seemed prepared, but not blood-thirsty.

Monday we ate at La Mediterranèe Cafe, where we saw lots of Cocteau sketches on the walls. The food there was SUPERB. We have not had a bad meal yet, and of course, the bread is to die for!

Yesterday was the Grand Tour of Paris day (by bus), as well as the St. Germaine des Pres and Latin Quarter Tour. Then to top the day off, we took a Seine boat tour around sunset! All were beautiful.

Also yesterday, we ALMOST went to the Musèe d'Orsay, but they have a "blockbuster" show of Cezanne and Pissarro, and there was a horrible line. We, not being patient AT ALL, said forget this!

So far, Parisians have been kind, polite, friendly and helpful with NO sign of anti-American sentiment.

Saw "The Lacemaker", by Vermeer today in the Louvre. It is TINY! It seemed to be around 4" x 6" to my eye!!!

They had an Ingres retrospective there also, which was lovely. He certainly painted the most subtle, lovely skin ever, but his basic anatomy was shaky in some cases; we all know that odalisque looking over her shoulder had to have about three extra vertebrae; there was also a woman whose arm could NEVER have been in the position he shows without dislocating her shoulder!

Today after the Louvre we took the Montmartre bus tour. The area was trashy, with lots of peep shows and junky shops. We glimpsed Sacre Coeur between cheap shoe shops ... hmmmmm.

Tomorrow the TGV (tres grande vitesse, or bullet train) to Nice-- a six-hour ride (the theme from Gilligan's Island plays in my head ... remember the "three-hour tour"?).

We have walked so much it ALMOST makes up for the food ...

XOXO everyone!

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Poet said...

Hi Elle,
Got your postcard today. (I wish I could print as well as you do.)but I must thank you profusely for your blog entries from France. It's quite helpful as you go from day to day. I can't count (that high) how many times I have thought of you while you've been gone. Please come home when you must and tell me more, more, more.