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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nice Toilet Seat

In France I saw several clear toilet seats like this one. This has lovely seaside images in it. One in Paris was clear with bubbles, and I also saw one with a bright tropical image on the seat cover.

I wish I had the option of these seats here!


R2K said...

I love it! Ill link people in your direction!

(The bathroom blog guy)

Osprey said...

Once I was invited to Dale Chihuly's (former) boathouse glass studio slash house, which I got permission to video - it was amazing. Anyway, I videotaped the toilet flushing because it was DALE CHIHULY'S TOILET.

Osprey said...

I do, though, admit that the toilet seat in your picture first made me think you'd thrown up.

Enjah said...