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Friday, May 05, 2006

Nice ... quelle belle ville!

We arived in Nice yesterday evening via TGV (tres grande vitesse or bullet train) from Paris. Today we took the tour bus again, a good way to orient ourselves. At the tourist information office they were rude ... I said how do we get a train into other parts of Provence, and the woman said, "this is not Provence!" well; that depends upon who is telling the story, lady.

Luckily, here at l'hotel Splendid, the people are friendly and accommodating. They gave me a brochure for mini-bus tours to all sorts of destinations, many in Provence, and some outside, including one to the Italian Riviera. XLNT!

I miss everyone and am trying to get and send postcards to all of you.

Nice has the advantage of climate, history, charm ... the air is fresh; dry, but not too dry; the sea is a PALE azure, like an aquamarine, with the depths in the distance a deep royal blue. It resembles the Caribbean; but paler in color: luscious!

Salade de Poulpe (octopus) for lunch. This version of the salad I adore had tiny octopi (octopusses?), mixed field greens, slices of golden apple, onion, tomato ... and it was warm!


Osprey said...

"I miss everyone and am trying to get and send postcards to all of you."

Oh, SURE - I bet you've FORGOTTEN US. *sob*...........

*flounces out*

Enjah said...

excusez-moi? and who might you be, commenter? nya nya

robyn said...

I got my cuppa coffee card. Thank you, I was thrilled. Life is often so much less romantic than fiction. No tired legs, no blotchy and sagging face...yes, no? May we? I am home and very tired...bone tired.
My next stop is Plum Island.
Oh my, how did I get so old?
and the pencils are so busy erasing.
can we apply them to my wrinkles?