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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Icy Dream

I am somewhere talking with a being who at least appears to be in a higher state than I am in.

He says, "You know that time works in the exact opposite way from the common perception of it ..."

I look up at the clock and the hands are pencils, one fat and one thin; the erasers are rubbing out the moments of time.

He gazes at me and asks, "Do you know how long until the ice slab returns?" rhetorical on his part I think. Somehow it seems the answer is 60 years.

"Where will you go when the time comes?"

I respond, "Somewhere high up; and a place that is not on the usual grid."

He nods; He says in a frightening manner, "We are on thin ice now."

I wake, disturbed.


Osprey said...

Seems like an uncertainty of post-60 life, to me. What an interesting dream, though. I love the erasers.

Selador said...

Yes, I was going to comment on the erasers too. Not often I have highly significant dreams these days, although I have had in the past dreams involving time travel, in which I saw the same sequence of events unfolding twice, but as different people in the drama with different interpretations of it.

I liked the sl touch as well - moving to a higher grid. Teen grid, main grid, afterlife grid - I could get to quite like that idea. :)