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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Forgotten Monday

When we arrived on Monday, our room was not ready, so we went to Le Jardin Luxembourg, right around the corner. On the slender black iron bars of the garden was (and still is) a series of amazing undersea photographs. For whatever reason, wolf eels featured several times. They are puffy looking creatures, grey with black speckles and large eyes. Their lips are turned inward as if they are old men whose skin is marked with age, and whose lips cover largely toothless mouths.

Inside the garden were many runners, and at l'Orangerie there were a few of the many many gendarmes we saw that day. next to l'Orangerie is the Musèe Luxembourg, where we saw an exhibit of abstract paintings from the 40s and 50s. Gorgeous, luscious paintings with abundant texture and various color schemes; many featured the black lines that were used a lot at that time.

That is it; I had forgotten these experiences until this evening, when we sat at a table outside a brasserie and watched people come and go as we drank mineral water and beer.

Motorbikes are everywhere in Paris; locked and parked, whizzing by at breakneck speed, almost all of them black with silver ornamentation. I did not expect them. There were also tiny electric cars into which I doubt I could even fit.

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