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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bonnard Bust and Principality Puffery

Well, I tried; what more can you ask! We took a DREADFUL local train this morning to Cannes and the bus up to le Cannet, where one of the gods of my painting firmament lived ... Pierre Bonnard ... as it turns out we were a year early for the opening of the Musèe Bonnard, and there was no show at the Espace Bonnard; I weep tears of blood.


Le Cannet was delightful and we ate lunch at what would be a convenience store in the US ... a tobacconist/snacks/bar/brasserie. They had a TINY TINY terrace out back, overlooking the hills and gardens of le Cannet, with beautiful potted plants. we had sandwichs (yes, their spelling) of jambon (half a baguette each) and Coca Lights (co-CAH). Even in the dark, smoke-filled shop/bar, friendly staff, attempts on both sides to speak the other language, and good food.

MONACO ... the other end of the train line (almost) ... in two trains that were both very clean and comfortable, with no drunkards in the next seat ... after traveling through an ENORMOUS mountain we arrived in the principality. --eh never again. It was ok; but Nice is much more fun and has a lot more going on. We are very demanding travelers.

Chez Hugo (read hotel restaurant) for dinner. The feet and legs are tired of hills now, and welcome a respite in elevators and the room. Decent meal, not memorable, but not bad either.

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