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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bad Beef, Good View

I am spoiled by American beef; I can put away a juicy, tender 16-oz. rib eye steak with no problem; however, tonight I could not finish my "steak". Although it was quite flavorful, the cow it came from seems to have been a professional gymnast or possibly a lumberjack. He or she had wonderful muscle tone, and the experience was similar to chewing on industrial rubber bands.

BUT out the window, and we were seated in a window, was Notre Dame Cathedral; across the alleyway was a bar filled with young people in tight and belly-baring clothing, including a young woman bartender wearing a stetson hat tossing bartending paraphernalia in the air, all to the throb of drums and unrecognizable melodies.

Past us in the alley paraded people from all parts of the world, talking, staring, many wearing Converse All-Stars or their cheap imitations.

It was a marvelous experience, and I did not regret having had dinner there at all.

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