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Friday, April 28, 2006

Taking Responsibility

I have been thinking over my post of Tuesday about painting. There were several things I could have done to make this shipment easier on myself.

My options are below (my excuses are in parentheses)

1. I could have sent it last week (I kept hoping I would finish the other painting I am working on, but that dang shadow looks funny to me), and it would have cost less to ship.
2. I could have packed the painting myself (it is very physically taxing, having to cut boxes down to the right size, etc.) which would have made the package smaller, as I do not use that thick bubble pack. The size is one reason it was so expensive to ship.
3. I could have kept trying to find a local gallery, and I am planning to pursue this in the future.
4. I could have gotten the estimate the UPS woman offered me on shipping costs, and altered the type of packing they were using.

Rather than blaming UPS, the gas companies, the Iraq War, and of course, GW Bush, I could be doing something to help myself.

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