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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shipping Eats ElleCoyote's Lunch

I just shipped this painting, framed, via UPS, for over $200, to the gallery in NY State. It has to be there by Friday. If it could have arrived on Monday, the price would have been $128, which still is more than twice what I used to pay.

The situation for artists is pretty grim. Most galleries take 50% of the selling price, and the artists pay for the shipping both ways, the framing, the materials, and ... well, after that, there is usually nothing left for labor. In fact, I am paying to ATTEMPT to sell this thing. I guess when it cost $50 for shipping, I could justify it, but now I wonder if this is a form of insanity.

Art buyers have the belief that art is overpriced because the artists are egotistical and think they are above the buyer. That is simply a myth. Galleries have overhead, so they need part of the price, and artists have all the costs of production, framing and shipping. If it does not sell, the artist pays to ship it back home (bad painting! go lie down!). Dismal.


Osprey said...

I love that painting.

Enjah said...

Thank you Osprey!! It is one of the few paintings I have done only from a sketch. I usually don't have time to sketch, so I take photos and work from them. Working directly from a sketch removes me from the subject by one more step, and that is why the painting has more stylized forms.