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Monday, April 10, 2006

Running Wild through Blogger

Every day I am online I go from my blog to whatever blog appears when I click "next blog". It is always a different blog, so I am wandering around unsupervised through masses of blogs, some in other languages, some just babbling, and some not that interesting to me personally. Every now and then I run into one that I find worth reading past the first few words, and I add it to my LINKS. It is one way to pass the time in paradise. The most recent addition is "Rhymes with Maria".


Enjah said...

AAARRRGH! I changed the background to black and did not pay any attention when it said all my template changes would be LOST!!! I had to find and re-list all my links DOH!

Osprey said...

Good grief - that must've been a chore. Enjah - hie thee to the preview grid immediately!

Λύσιππος said...

hello Elle - my random nextdoors blog neighbor!

Found you from a link to my stats showing you visited from here. Yes, it might all be Greek to you on my pages but I'd like to say "hi!" and thanks for the smiles!