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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Messenger from the Blessed Animals of the Earth

In the process of my daily healing meditation, I bless all the animals of the planet. Right after I did that today, I heard a noise against the window behind me. I turned and it was a bluejay. It felt like he/she was confirming that the animals had received my blessing.

Last year, my husband and I had a bluejay trapped in our garage, too exhausted and confused to fly back out the door. It kept trying to fly upward, where there is a vent in the roof, but the vent is too small for a bird to fly out of. We wet the bird down as gently as we could with our hose, and finally captured it in a towel and released it outside.

Also, at the burial of Frankie, my mother-in-law, there was a bluejay right next to us with its cockade folded back, observing who attended. We always thought it was a messenger from Frankie, who was always curious about who attended church, and even sat in the back to make sure she saw who was there!

Photo from the Humane Society of Canada

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Poet said...

Your blog was very stimulating to me. I wrote a poem regarding the time (a few years ago), Laura and I were sitting in my dining area right next to the patio doors, when an hummingbird flew in a line along the glass doors. It was my first (none since ?) sighting of the minute bird. This bird too seemed to sense that emotional vibes were in that room. Red cardinals are also very spiritual to me; I pray for them at each place I have lived and soon thereafter I have seen a cardinal. So reassuring and beautiful!