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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Grinches Stole My Second Life Again

A bad thing happened to me in Second Life today. I was calmly speaking in IM to Salazar and suddenly my entire gallery blew up and I was thrown into the night sky.

On attempted re-entry to SL I captured this image of my experience of flailing helplessly, skates useless, high above Palomarian.

Apparently this was the moment of another global attack by the idiot grinches who want to destroy anything delightful.


robyn said...

Do you mean someone has done this on purpose?
like a war of the SL worlds?

Enjah said...

There are people who want to disrupt and destroy, like those who make computer viruses, but in Second Life. They create objects that multiply themselves to the point that the "grid" crashes, or do other things that overload the servers.

Osprey said...

I heard it was Plastic, again - who is a real sociopath (I got roped into a debacle once, by accident and I saw firsthand). I don't know if it's true. I'd rather there were few Plastics rather than many, though.