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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Robyn's phone call and Leila and Jasmine's visit

We started out talking about astrology and the upcoming lunar eclipse, with her telling me about Susan Miller's astrological web site :

We then moved on to Robyn's relationship with our youngest sister, Betsy, and Robyn's new assistant being almost a clone of Betsy (!!).

. . . and went from there to the Gherkin, a new and extraordinary building in London, designed by Norman Foster:

Tomorrow my twin ten-year-old granddaughters are coming to stay for two days. I have cleared out the things I do not want to share with them, and I am feeling relatively prepared. It is like knowing a double tornado is on its way, and putting up shutters, but knowing that there could still be damage LOL.

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Robyn said...

Your granddaughters are very beautiful. I love this photo of them.