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Friday, March 17, 2006


Robyn now has her own blog called RobynDogstar. We used to see the beautiful star Sirius out of her bedroom window in the summer. It seems to me it changes color and it is sooooooooooo beautiful. It is a doppleganger, or twin star. The smaller star (Sirius 2) is hidden but to the naked eye it causes the apparent color changes (I think). It is called the Dog Star, and the Dog Days of August are named after its rising at that time of year. In the ancient past, I used to say to Robyn, "you are my little dog star and I'm Sirius (serious, play on words, get it, get it?)".


robyn said...

dogstar calling coyote...
canis major.
come in, please.
how do I link to your lovely blog or even the family site?
spinning out here in the twin stars.
"I am beside myself, my favorite position," smiling dogstar.

robyn said...

So I did all the work to set up the links and then suddenly they are gone. I saw them briefly glimmer, shimmer and shine.
Mercury retrograde...argggggggg!

I am taking baby steps in this site.