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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Patrick's drawing

Today my son Pat called me and asked me to send him photos of wolves for him to draw. Osprey said he is cool. He already sent me a self-portrait, which was very good, especially considering he has had ZERO art education.

The azaleas in the back yard are in riotous bloom, as is the orange tree next door which hangs over the fence. There are so many blossoms; I keep hoping they will all be oranges. Usually by November, when the oranges ripen, there are only about three or four of them on our side of the fence. Oh well.

Yesterday in yoga class the teacher had us doing all sorts of chest opening and back straightening exercises. Now my shoulders feel like they have been on the rack or something. I have a cold, so I did yoga postures from the Iyengar book that are supposed to help it. I felt great. Then I ate cheese and sausage for dinner, and got all stuffed up again! Maybe there IS something to that "dairy creates mucus" crap.

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Robyn said...

Pat's self-portrait is great! I strongly encourage him to do more art. I hope can spend some time in a class or working with other artists.