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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Flatley Girls Blog is No More

I created a blog called Flatley Girls for all my sisters to join me in the blogging madness. Robyn was really the only one who responded, and created her wonderful new blog, RobynDogStar. I am thrilled with that! Now she has created a blog named after the house we grew up in, 918. It seems as though we are the only ones who will be posting on it, as Anne, Sherry, and Betsy never even responded to my emails! So I deleted Flatley Girls and will post on 918 (when I become a team member, that is!). I will put up the same sorts of posts I had on Flatley Girls. BYE BYE Flatley Girls BLOG!


robyn said...

elle, did I tell you I love you?
yes, I love you dear heart.

robyn said...

how do we do the team member sign up?
oodles of love