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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bride and Prejudice

Last night we watched "Bride and Prejudice", a Bollywood musical based on Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice". It was filled with colorful costumes and sets. I would post a pic but I think they are copyrighted. You can see the trailer at this site:

The family was supposedly so poor they could not afford dowries for their four daughters, but man, those girls were dressed to the eyeteeth!

Of course, no one EVER kissed! That is a definite no-no in Indian filmmaking, it being terribly immoral for actors and actresses to kiss one another (they are NOT married to one another). Perhaps Hollywood should adopt that method--I think the divorce rate among stars would decline!

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Osprey said...

The sequel will be called "Pride and Brejudice."