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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Bottling Plant

When Jasmine and Leila saw me making my own bottles of iced tea, they were amazed and curious. Of course, it was Gordon . . .

[Wait, wait, let me tell you the background on this! Gordon drinks between six and twelve cans of diet cola EVERY DAY(?? yes, every day !!).]

. . . Gordon who, seeing me purchasing bottles of organic iced tea, complained that I was spending an awful lot on the stuff. Yes, I admit, he did not realize at the time that I had begun buying it at the supermarket. The last he had heard I was buying it for over $3 a pop at La Madeleine, with my fancy old-lady-go-to-lunch lunch.

*sigh* OK now I will continue with my story. Leila and Jasmine were TOTALLY amazed I could and would make my own bottled iced tea. So of course, they wanted some. Although I was reluctant to give up one of my precious products, I gave them each a bottle. I later saw them in the kitchen putting sugar into the bottles (which were already sweetened with sucralose).

THEN GRRRRR they left the abandoned half bottles of ruined tea in the living room. (The child in me spits at the child in you!)

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