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Thursday, March 09, 2006

2006 minus 1946 is 50!!!

I am SO relieved! I thought I was going to be 60 in May, but it turns out I was wrong!

Leila and Jasmine said their favorite class is math, so Gordon began asking them math questions, and they did not know many answers. They could work things out on paper, but these days, it appears, they have to do a table on the side in order to work out a division problem, comme ca:


and so forth. Well, we said, that is a Multiplication Table! so right now they are industriously drawing out their own multiplication tables (and they are QUIET for the first time in hours!). Thank you Gordon!!!


Osprey said...

Want to hire them out - I could use a little of their kind of math!

Robyn said...

What is it with trying to figure out my age?
I have to count up from my birth year to get it right.
So does that change your birthday plans?

Osprey said...

France is off-limits for those under 60 - she'll just have to celebrate by going to Norway, as they are open to mere 50-year-olds. NOOB!